You’re probably asking yourself – what does a real estate investor need with editing tools? Short answer is closing deals. If you want to close deals faster and make more money in your business, these tools will absolutely get you there. The editing apps we talk about on today’s episode do everything to make an investor’s life easier. Take screenshots, sign documents, and edit photos right from your phone.

The screenshot feature we talk about on today’s episode is not available for Android users. Because we both have iPhones, we’re going to take advantage of our native features first.

You don’t want to be that guy to take some picture of their screen from their phone and then try to email a six megabyte file. Click To Tweet

These tools we discuss today are available across mobile devices and can be integrated your desktop:

  • Droplr: an image editing tool that allows you to share edited photos and videos as links instead of large files
  • Get Stencil: Cory’s favorite editing app is this simplified photoshop-esque tool for editing, creating, and re-creating images
  • Canva: This editing tool is free but gives you the option of buying your special effects a la carte without any commitment
  • Dropbox: You’ve probably used this tool before but not in the way we’re talking about today. Did you know you can run presentations through Dropbox?
  • PicMonkey: Our favorite editing tool for social media posts

Both of us talk about exactly how we use these tools and why. They are so handy and have become such a natural part of our work processes. When you can run your business and indulge a little creativity at the same time, you need to take advantage of it. Go out and use the tools we talk about today. If you’re interested in using technology to make your business better and more successful, get out there and start trying. Leave us a review and let us know how you are using these tech tools.

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0:39 Check the video for Joe’s treadmill desk

2:50 The iPhone screenshot tool

5:01 Cory shares his screenshot secrets

8:25 Screenshots and signatures

11:44 Cory’s first editing tool: Droplr

13:32 Joe explains why real estate investors need editing tools

15:35 Jing might look old but it still gets the job done

16:22 What’s The Grateful Project?

19:01 Get Stencil is close as you can get to Photoshop on your phone

21:14 Canva is a great free editing tool

22:55 The secrets you didn’t know about Dropbox

29:24 How to use PicMonkey

30:57 Why are these editing tools so important?

32:01 Use technology to make your business better

33:41 How many steps did Joe take during this episode?

35:40 FitDesk vs. VARIDESK

39:25 Joe is looking for a masseuse in St. Louis




Get Stencil






Grateful Project

The Prayer Project





Cory: What’s up, Joe McCall?

Joe: Hey, call me healthy Joe McCall. Look at this.

Cory: Look at this man. You’re a man on a mission.

Joe: I am walking on my new desk treadmill. What’s not new? I’ve had it for about eight months. I’m starting to use it.

Cory: Right. That’s awesome.

Joe: It’s good, man. Hey, listen, I can hardly hear you, Cory.

Cory: You can hardly hear me?

Joe: Yeah. When you were yelling it screwed up the mic so I can hardly hear you.

Cory: I blew up the mic.

Joe: Or something. Now it’s better.

Cory: I blew up the mic, man.

Joe: The computer’s like auto adjust the volume controls or something.

Cory: Right. Yeah, I think I clipped there for you.

Joe: Just keep going because that’s the way we roll.

Cory: That’s right. I really roll. Let’s talk about what we got going on today. But before we do, let’s remind everybody that they can go get our toolkit which is at 38470, they can text the number 38470, text the word TECH to 38470 and they can get automagically downloaded the link for the toolkit which gives them our top favorite tools that we use in our business on a daily basis. That’s the top 10 that we have on there.

Joe: Cory’s top 5, my top 5.

Cory: Yup.

Joe: Yeah. It’s a useful tool. This is stuff we use all the time everyday.

Cory: Absolutely. On top of that, they can go to We’ve got the link now, we own the domain and so we have all the show notes for today there. You’ll also be able to look at the past episodes. I think we’re on number 11 today, Joe?

Joe: That’s insane, man. Number 11?

Cory: Number 11.

Joe: I have enjoyed this. One of the favorite reasons why I enjoy this is because I get to talk to Cory. He just showed me something on my iPhone. We’re both iPhone geeks. He just showed me something I thought was so cool and I’ve never seen before and it relates to what we’re gonna be talking about on this podcast. We’re gonna be talking about editing images, signing documents, and stuff like that.

Cory: Right. Editing tools. There are some paid editing tools but there’s some free ones. If you have an iPhone and you have updated to your newest software update, which, as I’m looking at right now, is iOS 11.0.1, what you’ll notice is a couple of new things. One particular that Joe is talking about here is the screenshot. Whenever you go and do a screenshot on your phone–

Joe: How do you do that by the way?

Cory: You click on the power button and the home button. You hit it one time and it will blink. Before, that would just save right to your phone, right to your images. However now what happens is it shows a little thumbnail in the bottom left hand corner.

Joe: Yeah. The cool thing is I gotta take screenshots all the time just for I might see some either investor’s website that I think looks good or I might see something else that something’s doing and I’ll take a screenshot of it and save it and never know, just for my swipe file, let’s say.

But just recently, I noticed that image kept on showing up on the lower left and it was annoying to me I said, “Why did they change this?” I kept on flipping it away to the left. But Cory said, “Listen, if you touch the image, it actually opens up into an editing program where you can go in and you can highlight things, encircle things, and do your signatures, and write and highlight and arrow and box things. It’s really cool because I can see doing this from a lot of different things because normally in the past, what I’ve done is I have taken a screenshot and just email it to somebody then type in some kind of written instructions or whatever.

Cory: Right.

Joe: But now you can actually type in or write in these instructions right on the image itself.

Cory: It is really cool. You can do a lot of different editing options on this image. Before, you have to use a paid tool–there are free tools out there and we’ll talk about someone of the ones that Joe and I use. But now, what Apple’s doing is really smart is they’re learning about all of these different feature that everyone uses and they’re figuring out ways they can make native, a part of their experience of working within the Apple community.

One of the things that they’re doing is this editing option. I have this opened up right now and I wanna just talk through a little bit what you can do. The first thing you can do is you can make the image where it’s cropped out. You can actually pull your finger in and up and it will actually change which part of the image that you want to crop and work on. That’s one of the very first things that you can do. It’s pretty helpful because sometimes, you do a screenshot and you don’t want everything on that surface. You can choose the area.

The next thing you can use is the different pins. These little pins on the bottom are going to be the whip of something that you’re going to use to digitally edit, do digital design. You have first the pin which is kind of felt tip. If you can see this, I just put this, I also might change the colors so they can really see it Joe. I wanna change this to red. This is the felt tip. On the felt tip, it will actually be a little bit thicker than your fine tip. Because you can see right here, it’s a little bit thicker. That would be for underlining something, maybe circling it to really make it stand out.

If you go to the next pin which is a highlighter, that’s great because it actually gives you the ability to change the opacity of that background for a letter or for an image, maybe you just want to highlight it. You can still see what you got there but you can highlight it and make it stand out a little more subtly.

The next little pin is the sharp pin. It looks kind of like a pencil. It’s a fine tip in. This one is one you’re probably gonna use the most especially if you have a lot to write on the image. Then you have an eraser.

You have another crop tool that you can actually pull things out of the image which is very, very cool. As long as you connect these little dots together–if you’ve used the crop tool before, you know what that is. Then you can choose your different colors, Joe. You can do black, white, blue, green, yellow, and red, as of right now. I’m sure later on, they’ll have different hues that you could make your own hex number with which is the color combinations. But you can use these primary colors right now. Then one that’s very, very exciting Joe that you talk about here on the right which is when you add, you hit the plus button.

Joe: You hit the plus button and you can add? It’s kind of hard to see on your phone there but I guess you can see it now. You can add text or your signature or you can actually magnify things. We can call things out so you can draw arrows and boxes and circles and squares. But I have in mind, my signature–and I don’t know how Apple got my signature by the way but they did–when you click the thing called signature, it will bring in your signature and you can make it bigger or smaller and add it into your image. Cory, what do you do though once you edit your image, you highlight it, write on it or whatever, what can you do with it then?

Cory: Yeah. After you highlight it and write on, you can also add in this–like you said this on the plus–you can do text, you can add in different texts, you can choose your fonts that you want. All you have to do on that is you just hold down. If you hit text, you hold down these little letters and you’ll see right here that you have some different fonts, some different sizes to choose from for your fonts, and you can center it, you can justify, center it, left or right, center–a lot of cool things you can do there.

But the one I think is most exciting is the signature like you just mentioned. You can always turn your phone sideways and sign something. We’ve been able to do that before, right Joe? Whenever you’re sending a text message or something along those lines, if you turn your phone sideways–you may or may not know this–you can actually create a signature and then save it. That will be saved. That’s where they got your signature, Joe.

Now what they did is they have an option where when you click signature, like I’m clicking signature right now, you can just hit add. When you hit add, it’s just gonna add that signature depending on which one you wanna use, it’s gonna add it onto the image. That’s really helpful because how many different things do we have on a daily basis in the real estate business that we have to sign or initial, something along those lines. You can actually create a signature and an initial, and they will both be saved in that same place. A really easy way for you to do editing on images and it’s native to the iPhone.

Joe: Or, can you see that?

Cory: Yes.

Joe: You can take screenshot of Cory’s text that he sends you at midnight and write an angry face on it.

Cory: You can do that too. Some people have notifications completely turned off, but other people have all kinds of things notifying them.

Joe: What’s funny, I do have notifications off but my phone, it’s plugged in and it sits on this thing where it stands up and it turns on bright that lights up the entire room. I’m like, “What’s going on?”

Cory: Right, right. That’s right. You can do it by–

Joe: Why is that so funny? I don’t get it.

Cory: Unhappy face, unhappy face. Alright. Then you can also save the image to Dropbox. You can also save the image to your phone obviously, you can email this out very, very quickly. There’s a lot of different things that you can do once you have that image saved.

Joe: Yup, cool. Alright. You’ve written down a list of really good image editing tools so let’s talk first why and when a real estate guy or girl would want to use some of these tools?

Cory: Sure. Another tool that you and I use on a pretty daily basis is a Droplr because I’ve seen your links on Droplr. If you haven’t heard of Droplr then we’ll have this in the notes section. We use Droplr on a daily basis because of two things, one, it’s super fast to be able to share an image by a link. That’s one of the quickest ways to share the image.

Obviously, iPhone is creating this option for you to share these images very quickly. That’s great. But with Droplr, whenever you create an image and you edit it up, it has a lot of different editing tools that you can use. Once you save that image, it automatically creates a link. That link now does a couple of things, one, if you want to send a link to someone, it doesn’t use up a lot of space. That’s one of the very first things. They click on it, they can see everything that you’ve edited there without having to use up a lot of space in case you’re trying to save space. The other thing is that it’s really secure, depending on if you have a paid Droplr account, which I do, I believe you do as well–

Joe: Yeah.

Cory: You can upload documents in there, you can upload images, you can upload audio in there, you can upload videos in there. They actually has a tool on Droplr that you can add to your desktop that you can create little images and create little videos. It’s got a lot of functionality to it. But what I really like about it Joe is whenever I save an image on my phone, it automatically will upload to Droplr. It’s got some automatic features too.

Joe: It will put the URL in your clipboard so you can copy and paste that link into an email or whatever. You don’t wanna be that guy–and you’re seeing this, Cory–to take some picture of their screen from their phone and then tries to email you a six megabyte file. You don’t wanna be that guy who takes pictures from a phone of your screen, you can just click–I think I forget what the control keys are. I’m still stuck on Jing, I use Jing a lot. There’s a few little issues I don’t like about Jing but Droplr, a lot more people are using that.

But what’s cool you just do a couple two or three keys on your keypad, it automatically snaps this picture of your screen and then you can edit things and I use that all the time. If I have an issue with my website and I want my virtual assistant to update or whatever, I can just take a snapshot of it, draw some arrows, write in some texts, and take that image as a URL. I’m not emailing the actual image, I’m just emailing the URL by text, or in Slack, or by Skype, or whatever to my VA. My VA then knows exactly what they need to do. There’s no going back and forth, there’s no questions, I don’t need to get on the phone and talk to them.

Cory: Right. Droplr is great. We use that one together on a daily basis. We’ll make sure they have the right link in the show notes.

Joe: Jing, if anybody’s interested just Google it. It’s made by TechSmith. It seems like they haven’t updated it in years because it looks clunky and old, it still has the bubbly buttons with that shine.

Cory: Right.

Joe: But its works, I like it. Cool.

Cory: A lot of people like Jing. A lot of people like it because they’ve already created a lot of videos and things with Jing. You have different space that basically you’re purchasing through Jing if you have a paid account, the free accounts would only limit you to a certain amount of space. But now they’ve changed that around. It’s a great service. A lot of people use it. I believe it’s by Camtasia, that’s who one of the makers of Jing is.

Joe: TechSmith, which owns Camtasia.

Cory: TechSmith which owns Camtasia, got it. Right. The next one is what I use in another one of our projects right now called Grateful Project on a daily basis and it’s called Stencil.

Joe: You’re still doing Grateful Project?

Cory: Grateful Project, every single day. Every single day. Yup. Every single day.

Joe: Talk about this. This is an important little bunny joe, just talk briefly what Grateful Project’s all about, Cory.

Cory: Sure. Grateful Project is a reason everyday to be grateful. It can be something as profound as something that just really makes you go deep and thank about life and some of the reasons to be grateful there, or it can be something just as general as a bench. You’re grateful to be able to sit down on a bench and relax and not have to walk around or everywhere. It started whenever I went through a bout with thyroid cancer and what came out of that was we created a group and we’ve found a lot of like minded people that were affected by cancer, or someone in their family, or themselves have been affected. I just started posting the reason everyday to be grateful. Today we’re on day 1,223 today.

Joe: One thousand two-hundred twenty-three.

Cory: One thousand two-hundred twenty-three days would be today.

Joe: Awesome.

Cory: It’s a reason to be grateful everyday. You can go to to simply get the Facebook group there, you’ll see a lot of folks that start their Grateful Projects. I know many, many folks–I think we have over 20,000 members now, 15,000 in that group and then we have another group that’s called The Prayer Project that’s similar. But we’ve got over 15,000 people that are actively working inside the Grateful Project and they start their projects and they post the reason everyday to be grateful. You can see a bracelet here that I’ve got. I give away these bracelets. All you have to do is go to and I’ll send you a bracelet. All you do is take care of the shipping and handling.

We got folks that order those–actually, they continue ordering them every month and they give them away. We love that too. A part of the initial vision of Grateful Project was people ordering these bracelets and giving them away. We gave them away to the homeless folks, we gave them away to people in hospitals that needed to have some reason to be grateful. Gave away to people that were sick and finding different cancer programs to be able to encourage people that way. Yeah, a great, great benefit, lots of great positivity that comes from it and we’re still focusing on where we wanna move next with it.

Joe: Very nice. I like this one. Looks good.

Cory: Yeah, I appreciate it, appreciate that.

Joe: Alright what’s the other tell that you’re gonna talk about?

Cory: Get Stencil. Yeah, if you follow the Grateful Project you’ll notice that everyday, all of the images look kind of the same, all of the layout looks the same. You might be thinking, “How do you keep it looking the same?” Get Stencil. It’s one of the greatest editors that I know of. It’s a paid editor. But why I love it is because it is as close to Photoshop as you’re going to get without having the massive brain damage.

If you ever used Photoshop, you get kind of lost in all of the different options. There’s a lot of great things you can do but 95% of them you don’t use, you only use about 5% of the really core things for editing. I’m not someone that want to get bogged down with all of these different options that you can use for image editing.

Get Stencil really found the way to make it very, very simple, convenient for you to go in and edit images and create these layouts and templates, if you will, for each one of your projects. We have the Grateful Project, we have a layout, all we have to do is go in, I can switch out the background, I use Unsplash, and I use Pexel for images that you can use that are royalty free.

Joe: Are you doing these images yourself?

Cory: Yeah. The royalty free images and I choose the images myself on a daily basis.

Joe: Wow. That’s a lot of work, isn’t it?

Cory: It’s something that I really enjoy. It’s something that I haven’t outsourced on purpose because I enjoy the process, I enjoy going through and thinking about what that looks like and what it means. Again, I really enjoy it. I’m with the labor of love. I got it down to about 10 minutes. It takes me about 10 minutes to do a Grateful Project. That would be a lot longer, Joe, if I didn’t have Stencil.

Joe: Wow.

Cory: We’ll have the link there in the show notes, it’s called Get Stencil. I’m telling you, it is the one of the greatest editing tools I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a lot of them. The second one probably comes close, this is a free tool, it is a free tool. What they have as an option is that whenever you want to add little special effects and cool other images and cool layouts that you’re charged $0.99 cents for each one of these. Now you have a lot of free options on this tool but they have a paid option too. This tool is called Canva. Have you ever heard of Canva before, Joe?

Joe: Yeah, yeah. I have. I’ve looked at it once.

Cory: Canva’s great.

Joe: I think I have their iPhone app.

Cory: It’s a fantastic iPhone app. It is very easy to use, very similar to Stencil, except you don’t have a lot of the templates that you can save in a way that would make it easy to switch out images. Canva does give you a lot of different options on sizes, so does Stencil. It does give you ways that you can change out and make images transparent, so does Stencil. But one thing it does is it almost creates like a store, if you will, for different images and different effects that you can add to your images for $0.99 cents. They’re more of a la crate paid version once you start using it. But the fantastic tool, I know lots of folks that use Canva, you can’t go wrong with using Canva.

Joe: Yeah. I’m looking at some of the images I created, this must have been a year ago and they look really good. I don’t know why I stopped using it.

Cory: Yeah. It’s a great tool. The last one I think we all know of–but we probably don’t use it in the way that we’re gonna discuss here–it’s called Dropbox. Nothing new, everybody’s heard of Dropbox before. But you probably didn’t know about a little feature that you could go in the preferences of Dropbox and you can actually set it up. Whenever you save an image on Dropbox, it can copy to your clipboard. Just like you discussed with Droplr, the ones that we use with Droplr, you can do the same thing completely for free on Dropbox. That’s one of the cool features and you’ll have to check out that inside of your preferences in Dropbox. It’s a simple little checkbox that you can use to create a link for a copy link to your clipboard so you can share that link and it goes to your Dropbox.

The next thing, Joe, is Dropbox made some new updates and they allow you now whenever you open a PDF or a document inside of Dropbox. Here’s the key, you have to go into the Dropbox app and you have to open it. If you open it within Dropbox, you can sign things for free. You can go in there and you can actually sign documents inside there. Once you do and you hit save, it saves the signed version into Dropbox.

Now, iPhone also has this native ability as well. There’s a little toolbox in iPhone, whenever you open up a PDF, when you open up an image by mostly I think it’s a PDF, there’s a little toolbox on the bottom of your image so if you’re gonna open up a PDF on iPhone, there’s a little toolbox, you click on it, and you can actually sign and edit that document using your iPhone. Another way before this newest update came out, another way that you could do that was using this core functionality inside of iPhone.

Joe: The cool thing about that too is when you’re signing it with the iPhone app, you can open it up, sign it, and when you click done or something it automatically puts that back in the email as a reply. Does that make sense?

Cory: And it says signed.

Joe: Yes. With your stuff on it.

Cory: Yeah. It says signed. It changes the file name to signed so you know it was signed.

Joe: Right now while we’re talking I’m gonna look for one and do that because that is super cool because it’s been a little hard to sign things in the past, we’re like, “I’ll get a PDF. I have to open it with another program, sign it with another program. If I can email it back to the person through that program but then I have to get their email address and copy and paste their email address or that’s hard to do.” Or you can upload it to Dropbox and drive and get a URL, copy that URL, go back to the email, send them a link.

Cory: Right.

Joe: But now when you could do it inside of the email app, that’s the coolest thing because you can sign it right then and there and send it.

Cory: Here’s the next level. If you use CamScan, which we talked about before, but as one of the top 10, or the top 5 for us, it’s called CamScanner. I’m gonna put this up too so you can see the icon, it’s called CamScanner, a little green icon it says CS on it. What you can do is if you save an image–imagine somebody sent you some design. An agent sent you something and said, “I need you to sign and agree to this offer that came in.” “Okay great.” You could sign it really quickly on your image. Now, you got an image, now you could send it back as an image signed. We already talked about how easy it is. But what if you needed to turn it into a PDF? How could you turn it into a PDF super quickly? If you go to CamScan and you click on the little icon to the right, you can add an image into CamScan. Then once you do, it now says, “What do you wanna do with it?” You can share it on CamScan now as many different format types.

You can share it all kinds of format types. One of those is a PDF. I recently just did this. We had an addendum that came across that I needed to sign. I signed it and I sent it back over to our agent, an agent said, “Can you send it to me as a PDF?” I thought, “Yeah. I can do that.” But I didn’t have to take an hour to do it, I just went to CamScan, uploaded it, saved it as a PDF and emailed it five minutes later. Just like that. Again, another great tool that you can use, it’s a paid tool, CanScam is a paid tool, but totally worth it. I think I paid $5 for that tool.

Joe: Look at this–since my camera’s so much better, you don’t have to focus than Cory’s–but here’s an email with the PDF attached to the bottom. I’m gonna open up the PDF, you can see it’s a contract on a certain property.

Joe: You see that’s a contract.

Cory: Yup.

Joe: There’s a little button on the upper right, it looks like a pen. I’m gonna click on that and then I get the icons on the bottom, do you see that?

Cory: I do.

Joe: I’m just going to zoom in and sign my signature. Do you see that?

Cory: I do.

Joe: Then I click the word done.

Cory: Yup.

Joe: It gives me the option, reply all or new message. I’m gonna do reply all, boom. It created a new email with that PDF as the attachment on the top of the email. That PDF has my signature, my initial in it right there and there. If I click send, the person who sent me that email will get that PDF with my signature. That took me five seconds.

Cory: Five seconds to do. What’s cool about that, it’s not just the link. It’s an actual PDF, which some places will have an issue. Some title companies right now will not open links, they will not open links. It’s really important that they want you to send the actual attachment as a PDF. This allows you to do this on a mobile device.

Joe: Really cool.

Cory: Very, very cool.

Joe: What are some of the other tools you had?

Cory: PicMonkey as the last one.

Joe: Yes.

Cory: Do you use PicMonkey?

Joe: No. What is PicMonkey?

Cory: PicMonkey’s pretty cool. It’s a paid tool as well but it has a free version. What I like about PicMonkey is that you can go in and you can really create these transparent images very quickly, you can remove backgrounds very, very quickly.

I use PicMonkey primarily if I wanna remove the background of something very quickly. They make it super simple to do that. There’s different reasons that you wanna remove the background for images, oftentimes, it’s either for a social media post or maybe you’re trying to add in a couple other images and the background is kind of distracting from what you want. But a simple tool that you can use, they also have a collage feature in there. Again, very cool for social media posts, things that you can add in there, I also more or less use this one for more of a personal tool, not all the time for business tool. But it’s a great one.

The last thing you can do is you can do touch ups in there very quickly too. Sometimes, if your eyes come out red, there’s a glare somewhere, you can make these touch ups inside the PicMonkey super fast. It’s great to work on the browser too. It’s one of the best ones I found outside that probably Get Stencil that is good for browser.

Joe: I had no idea, Cory, you’re this into much into photography and graphic design and stuff like that. I’m impressed.

Cory: It’s something that I think is more or less becoming something that’s mandatory. There’s so many people that are wanting to answer very quickly and this idea of speed and this idea of being able to quickly manipulate things, images per se or documents per se, in a very quick manner. You get your offer out faster, you’ll get the deal. They say time is money, but I believe also you gotta get with the times because if you don’t get with the times–that’s okay for you per se–but they’re still going to pass you by. You have a choice, you can either let these things control you or you can control these things, now you might think, “This sounds very geeky to me, Cory.” Okay, they might sound a little geeky to you–

Joe: Go listen to another show. What are you listening to this show for?

Cory: But I could tell you that you’re listening to the show for a reason. You are interested in using technology to help make your business better, make things faster, but at the end of the day, why does all that matter? Because you wanna make more money in your business, you want to get the deal faster, you wanna have the edge on someone else. I can assure you right now, whenever you learn a few of these tools that we discussed and start using them, it will give you, absolutely give you the edge, it will give you the advantage.

The funny thing is you think, “Everybody’s using that.” No, they’re not. They’re really not. The things that we’re discussing on this show, they might sound, everybody’s heard of Dropbox, you’ll be surprised, you get 100 people in the room, they’ve all heard of Dropbox, but are they using it with the copy board functionality with the URL that you can quickly share an image from your Dropbox like that? No, they’re not. Do they know about the signature functionality that as long as you open up with the app on your phone, you can sign a document very quickly? No, they don’t know about that. Do they know that you can run presentations through Dropbox? Yeah you can run a full blown presentations through that. No, they don’t know about that. The reason is because everybody hears about these technology tools but they don’t use them. The whole point of this show is to show you how Joe and I are using technology tools to our advantage to give us the edge.

Joe: Why we’re using them.

Cory: Right.

Joe: What’s the point of this stuff? Cool. This has been a good show. Cory, I appreciate it.

Cory: Absolutely.

Joe: You shared some really cool things.

Cory: How long do you think you’ve walked so far? Do you have steps down there? Are you tracking?

Joe: It says 2 hours and 16 minutes.

Cory: Wait. No, you just got on that thing. You haven’t been on it for two hours.

Joe: That’s what it says. Maybe it’s for the week.

Cory: Okay, I’ll take that. I’ll take that for the week. I think it’s great. I think it’s great that you’re doing that. What is that desk called? What is that walking? Maybe we should put that inside the show notes because people are gonna be asking about that.

Joe: You know what? I got their coupled right here.

Cory: There you go.

Joe: It’s called VARIDESK.

Cory: VARIDESK. Very cool.

Joe: VARIDESK. VARIDESK, what it is it’s a platform that stands on top of your existing desk. I’m actually putting my standing desk on top of another standing desk that broke. I bought a standing desk in IKEA, it doesn’t work anymore. Yeah, I can take it back but that’s gonna be a pain in the butt, that’s gonna take me all day. I just went and bought a VARIDESK that stands up on top of my standing desk. I have this walking treadmill I put underneath. It’s not like a treadmill that has the board right here.

Cory: Right.

Joe: There’s a consul type of a thing that sits on my standing desk that doesn’t stand anymore. It sits down there. I try to work, it’s not the most convenient thing because I don’t have a lot of desks space, I have a little space right here for my mouse, my laptop’s right here, I have another monitor right here, but I do wish I had more desk space.

Cory: More space.

Joe: I had less clutter but–

Cory: I’m gonna encourage you on this too. You see this? This just came in.

Joe: FitDesk.

Cory: FitDesk, you see this?

Joe: FitDesk. What do you do with that?

Cory: Do you see how big this is?

Joe: Yeah.

Cory: It actually expands. Exactly speaking to what you talked about because I have my FitDesk right over here. Here’s my FitDesk–I don’t know if you can see this or not–but my FitDesk is right here.

Joe: Looks like a bicycle.

Cory: Yeah. It looks like a little bicycle.

Joe: I don’t know if everybody can see you.

Cory: They can. They can see. But if they can’t see, they can hear it obviously. See this right here. If I put my arms here like this, you see this?

Joe: Ahuh. I see it. I don’t know if people on the podcast can see.

Cory: I can do this right here. I can do a little different kind of exercise. But if I don’t want to do that, I’ve got a little desk right here. You see this? I got a desk.

Joe: Yeah.

Cory: I’ve got paper towels over here. I got a desk, I can do this over here now. But I bought this extension kit that you just saw, called FitDesk Extension Kit. It’s gonna expand it out to here. Now, I can put my coffee here, I put my laptop here.

Joe: You can put your soda there and your hamburger too.

Cory: I put my soda, my hamburger, and my chicken wings.

Joe: Ahuh.

Cory: And my pizza.

Joe: And your beer.

Cory: A beer. If I got a double decker, I can put my pizza up here.

Joe: And your beer.

Cory: And my beer.

Joe: I love it. Can I get one?

Cory: But anyway, these are actually not that expensive. They’re called the FitDesk. I wanna show this right here–FitDesk.

Joe: Ahuh. Get yourself one.

Cory: I gotta tell you, man. I think I spent under $200 for the FitDesk. I get on that thing everyday, Joe. I go over here and I pedal. It really is one of those things when you take a break, you get that blood running in, because if you’re sitting on a desk all day–

Joe: Oh, yeah.

Cory: You gotta get blood running.

Joe: Let’s talk about those 20 sets of cushions that you’re sitting on there.

Cory: The cushion isn’t really, really important believe it or not because where you’re sitting all day, it matters. You gotta have some memory foam situations here. But this one is called the contour.

Joe: Do you have a bad back? Does your back give you a hard time?

Cory: No. My back is great but I don’t wanna have a bad back. It’s a preventative measure and whenever you do this, most people slouch, but if you put this behind you right here, it makes you kind of stand up.

Joe: Yeah.

Cory: It’s really good on your back. Maybe you want other episode, we’ll talk about cushions and chairs and things like that.

Joe: You know what’s interesting, you can’t see it but over here is my leather desk, my leather chair. I used to have a big wooden desk, got rid of it. I wanted something thinner, lighter. But I would sit down all the time. When I got this thing and started walking more, I had less back pain.

Cory: Right.

Joe: One of the reasons is I started losing weight but I’m not sitting down on my butt.

Cory: Right.

Joe: My back hurts a lot. That doesn’t hurt hardly at all anymore.

Cory: Right.

Joe: I try to get a massage once a week. Once every two weeks, believe it or not. That’s awesome.

Cory: Yes.

Joe: If you can do that. I wanna find a chiropractor that also does a massage because you can never get one to do both.

Cory: Right.

Joe: If anybody in St. Louis knows of a massage therapist that will adjust your back, please let me know.

Cory: There’s some kind of monthly–they’re like a franchise going right now but it’s like some kind of monthly massage thing that you pay for like $99 a month.

Joe: That’s what I do, it’s massage. I use MassageLuxe.

Cory: Massage…

Joe: There’s also Massage Envy.

Cory: Massage Envy. That’s what it is. Yeah, it’s called Massage Envy. Sure.

Joe: Oh, it’s awesome.

Cory: Yeah, I heard about that. That’s cool. I think we completely derailed from editing tools but that’s fine, that’s how we roll.

Joe: You can have the best tech in the world but if your body is out of shape and you are in pain, it sucks.

Cory: It does suck. You know what? I think if we get enough interest on this, we’ll do an episode about the cushions, which ones to buy, the FitDesk, the VARIDESK. I think people would be interested in that.

Joe: Yeah. Sounds good. Oh, one more thing, let me show you. Let me kill myself while I stop this. Right. I almost killed myself. Hold on. Look at this thing.

Cory: Oh, wow. What is that? What is that?

Joe: Hold on, you know what that is?

Cory: No. What is that?

Joe: It’s a thing that you stand on when you are at your desk. When you’re standing, you put it on the ground. It’s foamy, it’s all foam but it forces you to stretch your foot, put it in different positions, you’re not just in one spot the whole time.

Cory: Oh, okay.

Joe: You can stretch your calf, you can stretch your ankle. This forces you to put your foot in a different position all the time and it’s really comfortable.

Cory: Wow.

Joe: If you have a stand up desk–here’s what it’s called, it’s called the Ergodriven. I bought it on Amazon. I had a friend in Nashville recommend this to me, he works from home, he’s a minimalist, sort of. He’s gotten rid of all of his stuff, he only keeps the most essential things and he uses a stand up desk and he uses this thing with it. It’s amazing, I’m not sore after standing all day with this thing.

Cory: I’m going to have to check that out. One of the other things I haven’t talked about yet is–I don’t know if you see this or not.

Joe: Woah.

Cory: I have this under my desk. What I do is I stand on this when I’m sitting. This is when I get up, I have to get up and ride the bike. But on this, you can do this right here. But you can actually do this while you’re sitting down. Believe it or not you can get your legs moving while you’re sitting down too.

Joe: Do you use it a lot?

Cory: Yeah. It’s under my desk. It’s perfect because you want your legs to be doing something. You don’t wanna have your legs… The whole point–the challenge for sitting at a desk for too long is because you’re not moving. I don’t know if you can see this right here with my knees like this. All this go like this.

Joe: That looks very uncomfortable.

Cory: It’s not the point of comfort but you can get some blood moving that way. There’s all kinds of little hacks that you can use to get some blood moving. The point is being aware that when you sit too long, you’re gonna probably create some challenges later on in life so you need to be thinking about those things now. Get up every once in a while and move your body.

Joe: Good advice, man. Good advice. My things says five hours. I’ve been walking for five hours.

Cory: I think it’s like the most encouraging timer.

Joe: It says 3.18 miles. I think that’s since yesterday. I don’t think it starts new everyday. It should, I’ll have to look at the settings. Anyway, no wonder I feel like…

Cory: Alright. Joe, you go get your stuff taken care of, good episode today.

Joe: Yeah.

Cory: I think we’ll talk about some of these exercise things and some of these tools that we’re using to break up some of the monotonous time for sitting at desk later on.

Joe: Sounds good, Cory. Take care. See you guys. Hey, wait, wait, wait.

Cory: Yeah.

Joe: Go to to get our top 10 favorite tech tools for the real estate agent, the real estate investor–if you’re in the real estate business. Also if you are listening in your car while you’re driving, after you pull over, text the word TECH to 38470 and we’ll get that to you right away. Hey, good show.

Cory: Absolutely. See you later, bro.

Joe: See you guys, bye-bye.

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