Today’s episode is short and sweet and straight to the point because digital signing is one of the easiest things you can do to save you time when you’re closing deals. If you aren’t using digital signing in your real estate business, then you aren’t using technology the way you’re supposed to. The tech we talk about on this show is all about saving you time and money, and what better way to save time than to have clients digitally sign all of your contracts?

If you’re not using digital signing in your real estate business right now, you are missing the mark Click To Tweet

There are tons of apps you can use for digital signing. And most of them are free! Joe loves to use his iPad and his favorite signing tool is Apple’s Notability. You can email contracts directly through the app, which is convenient. But Joe’s favorite part is that you can sign with a stylus, picking ink color and stroke thickness, to make it feel like you’re signing with an actual pen.

If you’re willing to pay a little extra for a digital signing app, Cory breaks down a few of the perks the investment can give you. He compares his favorite free and paid apps that let you take a picture and share signed documents. Paying for an app that goes a little extra mile in case you need your tech to do a little bit more for you is a good move. The most important thing about these apps is that you can turn these digitally signed documents into pdfs that you can send to clients, secretaries, and real estate agents across your contacts list.

Today’s episode may be short and sweet, but Cory and Joe share more tips for using apps like SignNow, Docusign, and even Evernote to digitally sign, share, and save all of your contracts. If you have a favorite app you’re using right now, tell us about it on iTunes!

One of the things that I love the most with technology today – I haven’t been to a bank in about a year! Click To Tweet


2:13 What app does Joe use for digital signing?

3:00 Cory breaks down his favorite digital signing apps

3:33 SignNow is the app Joe usually uses

4:32 Joe likes to use his Apple’s Notability  

6:05 Cory likes CamScanner to convert contracts to pdfs

11:00 Joes uses Turboscan and Evernote instead

13:43 What does Joe love the most about tech?

16:00 Joe uses Podio for almost everything












Cory: Joe McCall!!!

Joe: What’s up, Cory Boatright? How are you, man?

Cory: What’s going on? Episode seven.

Joe: Seven?

Cory: Episode seven, seven. Yes, I like sevens. Do you have a passport with seven, seven, seven? I love sevens.

Joe: I’m not using this right now because I’m on my iPad actually. But should I have it here just so it looks like I’m using it?

Cory: Yeah, it should. It’s a good visual.

Joe: Okay. It looks like I’m smarter than I am.

Cory: You got the digital marketer t-shirt. You said that was the first one?

Joe: Yeah. Who went to Traffic & Conversion way back…

Cory: Wayyy back.

Joe: I went to number two. Number one was in Austin, Texas. Then the next one, I think they did was in San Diego. It was a long time ago.

Cory: Yup.

Joe: This t-shirt is really old. When I feel stupid, I put it on.

Cory: I think you’re the only person on the earth that could ever say that they think they’re stupid. You’re your worst critic, Joe. Worst critic.

Joe: I was going to say something.

Cory: Alright. We’re talking about episode seven. We’re talking about the power of digital signing. If you’re not using digital signing in your real estate business right now, you are missing the mark. You can get things done so much faster and we’re going to talk about a couple of tools that we use but there are, I mean just the ones we talked about, there’s another hundred out there that you can experiment with. We’re going to talk about the ones we use and why we use them, and then how you can go and get these, and the application to start using them. This is going to be a pretty short episode. It’s going to be short and sweet. It’s the power of digital signing. I want to turn it over here. Joe, what is one of the apps that you use for digital signing?

Joe: I’ve used DocuSign forever. DocuSign was one of the first online digital signatures that came out. To have this subscription that I was using with them, it was about $300, $400 a month.

Cory: Yes.

Joe: The price has gone way down for sure. But back then, it was the leading edge, cutting-edge thing, it was so cool and amazing. But, yeah. You can get somebody to sign something electronically. I was doing it before it was widely accepted. There’s a lot of added tools. HelloSign was really good, SignNow… I think I used SignNow the most.

Cory: It was called CudaSign.

Joe: CudaSign, yeah.

Cory: I love that because when I was looking at all the different ones to choose from, DocuSign, CudaSign was the only one at that time that I found that you could create a link. I was just looking for a link that I could send to somebody and they just click on the link and they could sign. I couldn’t find another one that did that but I know now that there’s several that do it.

Joe: Is CudaSign now called HelloSign?

Cory: I think it’s called SignNow. I think CudaSign, SignNow.

Joe: Okay. That’s the one I normally use. It is SignNow.

Cory: Yeah.

Joe: SignNow is the one that I normally use.

Cory: Me too.

Joe: It’s very Apple friendly, iOS friendly, and I’m sure it’s Android friendly as well. It’s also Google docs, Dropbox friendly. Google Drive and Dropbox friendly as well. A lot of times, even more, Cory…

Cory: Are you paying some for it? I’m paying $15 a month for it, something like that.

Joe: I don’t remember.

Cory: I think I’m paying $15 a month because the premium version gives you some of the advance forms and stuff. You can use a free version, view one or two, and then it’s a $5 version. But the $15 version is their premium one and I highly recommend if you want to get the links.

Joe: If we get a coaching agreement to a client to sign, we’ll send it through SignNow, it’s just easier. DocuSign, the pricing has gone way down but sometimes when I look at it, it’s still confusing. SignNow is just a lot more intuitive.

But you know, lately I’ve been using my Apple pen a lot. I have an app on the iPad, I’m using it at least three-four times a week. It’s an app called Notability, note ability, Notability. I’ll just import a PDF or a Word document if I need to sign something. Just the other day I had to sign three different documents, somebody emailed them to me. I opened up the email on my iPad, import that file to Notability, I can go in there and I can choose my pen color and the thickness of the thing and sign it.

Remember the old iPad pens, Cory? They used to be the big, thick, round spongy thing. It’s amazing now with this pen, I take sermon notes from it. When I’m on a coaching call with a client, I’m taking notes with my pen all the time now with my iPad and this. It’s just simply amazing. I’m signing things with real signatures on a PDF or a Word document and then either uploading it to Dropbox or Google Drive, and then sending the link to the first person who sent it to me or just emailing them right directly from that app.

Do you ever, when you’re on an appointment with a seller or you have your acquisition manager on the phone, I mean on an appointment with the seller, seller signs the contract, what do you have them use to take a picture of that contract and turn it into a PDF?

Cory: We use this program called CamScan. Let’s see if I can get the little icon here. Here it is, it’s a little C-S icon. Can you see that here on the video?

Joe: C-S? I saw that.

Cory: It’s called cam, C-A-M scanner. CamScanner. There’s another one that’s called Scannable, that’s really good as well. But CamScan is paid, Scannable is free, either one you can choose from. But I like CamScan because you can create different folders for different categories, if you will. We have ones for our sales contracts or purchase contracts. I have ones for my personal stuff, one’s for Leslie and I doing stuff. We have everything inside here.

What’s great is, you can turn it into an image, you can turn an image into a PDF, I can have an image on my phone and immediately turn it into a PDF. I can go in, because you can export it or import it, either way. You can go in and you can turn into an image. You can go from a PDF back to an image. You can use Word document and turn them into PDFs. It’s really got some pretty crazy functionality with it. One of the particular reasons I really like it is because whenever I go in and take a picture, literally just on my phone, if I take a picture of a friend or someone, just that easy. I can just take a picture of the contract and then it has this option where it makes the contract clear, perfectly clear.

Joe: Looks like a scanned PDF.

Cory: I use this little option here called Black & White. There’s also OCR recognition for it which basically will recognize some of the words inside there. I like that. If you have a long document, say 20 pages or so, you can type up a couple of words and it will find that for you. Also, it has a markable option where you can do a smudge and ink and annotations on it.You can add a watermark. I don’t really use the watermark that much but the annotations are pretty nice. You can have a pen and immediately go right in.

What’s cool about it is it has an editor built into the scanner, is what I’m telling you. It can quickly help you out on saving time and you can email from the app as well as an attachment or you can email it as, there’s an option there, you can email as a link. I use it as the attachment because most people like to get attachments and some entitled companies, they won’t actually click on the link, some place they just don’t feel comfortable clicking on your links. They’ll actually open that attachment. I got to tell you, I’ve been really satisfied also as a rotation option in there. Sometimes when the scans come in and they’re on the side or upside down, that’s so frustrating. Right, Joe? You’re upside down, you’re turning your phone and then your phone tries to correct and then you’re like, “Damn! What is…” You can hit this button.

Joe: Stop!

Cory: Yes, stop! You can hit select all and rotate all of the images. The last thing that I think is really cool is, I’ll put this up on screen, is that it hooks to the cloud. I can go into Dropbox, Google Drive, I can fax from here which I use MetroFax, but I can still fax from here which is pretty cool. I can do airprint. It’s just got a lot of functionality. I think it’s about $5, one-time, for using this. You can also set up your PDFs as password protected which is nice if you can have that.

Joe: Oh really?

Cory: We’re doing some commercial stuff and we have these NDAs. I can go in and do an NDA but if I only want a certain person to open that, I’ll give a password for it. It’s a lot of punch in one little app.

Joe: I like that.

Cory: Do multiple pages as well, Joe, by the way. You can click on the image and it’ll say you want to do multiple pages or one page, by the way. Good thought.

Joe: Sometimes, I used to do this a lot more than I do now, but I go into the app store and look at the top charts, just to see what the top apps were.

Cory: Right, I do that too.

Joe: If you go into business, at least in the top 10, there’s probably 5 to 6 different scanner apps and they’ll rotate. Mine that I’ve used for years and years is still in the top 10 which I’m proud to say. It’s called TurboScan.

Cory: TurboScan.

Joe: TurboScan, yeah. There’s a pro version and the simple version. I just have the simple version, it works, I found, really, really well. You just take a picture of the document and it can be at an angle, it’ll straighten it and make it look like a nice PDF, then you can scan it yourself.

But one of the things that I use a ton is the scanner in Evernote.

Cory: Yeah, that’s a good one.

Joe: It’s actually really, really good. If I’m taking a picture of a receipt, whatever it is… Sometimes what I’ll do, Cory, instead of using TurboScan or whatever, I will just create a new note in Evernote, take a picture of it and then. Once that picture’s taken, you can choose whether it’s going to be a document or an image or a post it note or a business card or something.

Cory: Yes.

Joe: If you click document, it crops it automatically. 9 times out of 10, it does a really good job of cropping it, focusing it, making it really look nice, turning it into a PDF. Then I’ll just share that Evernote link, and I’ll email that Evernote link, to somebody.

Cory: Yes.

Joe: When they get the link from Evernote, they click it and it opens up a browser which then has the PDF attached in that URL if that makes sense. So you can choose whether that link is public or private.

Cory: So your mobile app that you’re using on your phone is the Evernote scanner app?

Joe: I’m just creating a new note in Evernote.

Cory: Okay.

Joe: And there is an app from Evernote that scans but I found it maddeningly frustrating because it will take a picture automatically. When it thinks it has it, it snaps a picture and it maybe no, I didn’t want you to take the picture yet, or it’s wrong.

Cory: Right, right.

Joe: I could not figure out how to change that, maybe they’ve updated the app since then.

Cory: Have you ever heard of that scanner called SnapScan or SnapScanner or something like that. It’s really, really fast. The one I was telling you about as an alternative called Scannable, that was one is very good, it’s free but it does exactly what you are saying. Right when you open the app, it’s looking for something to scan. I’m looking at it right now, looking for something to scan then it scans, I hit the button, and you can save it or send. You just save it or send. You have a couple of options on here but you don’t have a ton of options like doing edits, and doing a bunch of other things but it’s a pretty good app if you just want to have something free. It’s a very good app. It has high reviews.

Joe: There’s a lot of really good ones in the iTunes App Store. One of the things that I love the most with technology today, Cory. I haven’t been to a bank in about a year, you can now, with your bank apps, most of them, take pictures of cheques. What the heck?!

Cory: Yes.

Joe: You take a picture of the front of the cheque and the back of the cheque.

Cory: I can hear somebody right now, they’re going, “Joe, that was so last year.”

Joe: But here’s the thing, the reason I’m so excited. I have this great bank that I’ve had, it’s a local bank, it wasn’t until three or four five months ago that they finally updated their app.

Cory: Right.

Joe: They allow you to take pictures of cheques.

Cory: Yes.

Joe: I’ve been with them for almost 12-13 years and I didn’t want to change because then it’s all such a hassle. But they finally did it, and I’m so happy because now I can take pictures of my cheques. I never go to the bank anymore.

Cory: I know. It’s great. One of the banks that I’ve used for over 20 years. 20 years is pretty interesting to be how long to be a customer is MidFirst Bank. There are a few places, mostly here in Oklahoma, there are a few other places, they didn’t have the scannable, the cheque app that you are talking about but they recently offered the mobile wiring. What you can do now is, I’ve got a little key fob that they send you in the mail and it changes every 30 seconds. You can login to the business section and you can actually wire. When you wire, it creates a template now. Now you always have it and you have your key fob. Man, I used to have to go to the bank to do that or Lindsey would go into the bank and it would just eat up time.

The whole point of this episode is digital signing and really the benefit why it’s that important is because it saves a ton of time, just like these mobile banking apps and everything else, it saves a ton of time. You definitely need to be using these in your business, having your acquisition managers, as soon as they get out of that house, right when they get back in their car, they’re a taking a picture of the contract, they’re uploading it, now you have it. It’s immediate.

Joe: We use Podio a lot too. My acquisitions manager will actually, from the Podio app, they’ll take the picture of the contract, now we’ll just change it into a PDF, it’s a picture of the contract and it’s automatically uploaded right into that Podio record from their phone.

Cory: Yes. So cool!

Joe: Good, good!

Cory: Good stuff, man.

Joe: Hey, man.

Cory: Alright. You’ve got a lunch with your wife that you need to go to.

Joe: I do.

Cory: I appreciate taking time to be on here. This is episode number seven. We’re rocking along.

Joe: If you guys want our top 10 favorite tools, of all the tools we talked today, one of them is on that 10 list. You’ve got to go text the word TECH to 38470 to get this toolkit that we have. Also, you can just to to

Cory: We also own or

Joe: Yes, it’s or

Cory: I think we should just say realestatetechshow, so much easier to remember.

Joe: I don’t know if we have that domain though, Cory.

Cory: We have it. We have it saved. We bought it.

Joe: Oh, okay. We should know this.

Cory: We should know our technology.

Joe: Oh my gosh. This is embarrassing.

Cory: Right, this is embarrassing.

Joe: We better quit while we’re ahead.

Cory: That’s right, we better quit while we’re ahead. Everybody’s like, “I got some value from the scans, guys. Don’t discount yourselves.”

Joe: Hey, I appreciate you, Cory.

Cory: I appreciate you too, man. Have a good lunch and we’ll talk on episode number eight.

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