006: Two Cool New Tools That Will Make You Money and Save You Time

The new tech we’re talking about on today’s episode are two of the coolest tools on the market right now. These tools will make you money and save you time. More than that, they’re going to make you more personable when it comes to finding new clients and closing those big deals.

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We each share a favorite new tool we’re using. The first tool is Bonjoro, which just goes above and beyond a typical messenger. Bonjoro will let you know when new clients visit your webpage, sign up for your newsletter, or purchase your products. With the alert, you can then send a video immediately to their email. These videos can be anything from a “thank you” to a quick coaching moment, which is how Cory likes to use this tech. And the videos are great for creating a more personal connection between you and your clients. Our other favorite Bonjoro features include –

  • Completely customizable templates
  • Enough storage space for videos
  • Connects right to our email and task managing apps

With Bonjoro, you definitely need to get Storage Space +. This video and photo compressor allows you to compress folders of videos into a smaller file so you can send it across email or messenger more quickly. Think about it – all of the videos you create on Bonjoro plus all the videos you may be making for seminars or coaching classes can all be zipped together and sent straight to your email in 5-7 minutes without losing any of your HD quality. Our other favorite Space Storage + features include –

  • Connects with Dropbox, Cloud, and other apps
  • Compresses videos of any size
  • Folders that help us stay organized

These are two of the newest tech tools we have found to save us time so we can continue doing what we do best. We discuss the ways different entrepreneurs can use these apps to connect with clients and grow their business. You don’t need to be an investor to use Bonjoro or Storage Space +, so check them out and see how they work for you.

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2:30 Joe McCall loves Bonjoro

3:31 Cory uses Bonjoro as a coaching tool

5:46 How can realtors use Bonjoro?

9:50 How to use Bonjoro with other apps

11:46 Cory Boatright loves Storage Space +

14:08 How to use Storage Space + with other apps

16:50 How to use Storage Space + compression settings

18:28 Why are high-quality video so important?

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Cory: What’s up, Joe McCall?

Joe: What’s up, Cory Boatright?

Cory: Welcome again to Episode 6.

Joe: Yes, man. Episode 6 of the Real Estate Tech Show!

Cory: Make sure, if you haven’t already, text the word “TECH” to 38470 and what happens when they do that, Joe?

Joe: They’re going to get our top 10 favorite tech tools. We’re still trying to figure out a name for it. It’s like the tech toolkit.

Cory: The toolkit. I like it. But saying tech toolkit, now it’s easier but a while ago, while I was trying to think about, when I was saying it, it was hard to say.

Joe: You’re trying to say like top, tech, top…

Cory: Top tech toolkit. We should just call it the toolkit.

Joe: Yeah, the toolkit. It’s just a PDF, one or two pages of our favorite tech tools. Now you can start using them today in your business, and it’s free. Absolutely free and you can also go to realestatetechshow.com to get that and download it, really cool. Today, Cory, we’re going to keep this short, sweet, because you and I got important things to do and important people to see. Actually, I’m getting ready to go have lunch with my wife.

Cory: Yes! That’s the most important. And she would say the same thing.

Joe: Let’s talk about right now, what are some of the crazy, coolest technology apps, things, software that you’re excited about. For me, I’m super excited about this thing called…

Cory: Bonjoro!

Joe: How do you pronounce that? I still haven’t figured it out. Bonjoro.

Cory: Bonjoro. It’s pretty cool because it has a video. You want to explain what you’re using it for?

Joe: It’s spelled b-o-n, no, no.

Cory: Bonjoro. Yeah, it’s b-o-n-j-o-r-o.

Joe: You’re right.

Cory: Bonjoro.

Joe: I forgot there was an ‘n’ in it. What it is, this has been around for awhile, right?

Cory: Right?

Joe: There has been apps before like iJAT and BomBom are two of the popular ones. But this one is different. What it is, is like, you get an alert on your phone when something happens and then it pops up in your phone, like a task or like a to-do list, and then you click on each person and all you gotta do is just click a button, it starts recording your video. Hey Jim, thanks for visiting our website, blablabla. I look forward to working with you. And you click another button and then it sit. It’s so cool.

There’s a lot of different things you can do with this. Number one, you could set it up where if a seller or a buyer visits your website, fills out their information. You can create a Zap with Zapier to Zap that email and name over to Bonjoro and it pops up on your phone. You get an alert, you see somebody’s visited your website, and maybe it’s a new customer that just bought something of yours. Or somebody that just filled up their profile and your website.

Cory: Coaching application. I’m using it for right now. That’s another way you can use it. The point is, it’s personalization, super, super fast. Right now, if you’re getting a ton, we get over four in our leads a week, that’s a lot of stuff going through but you have your lead manager, you have someone that’s taking care of some of those leads coming through, then you can get very, very personalized quickly with Bonjoro. Does it have a limit on how much space is used for the videos?

Joe: I don’t know but you know, I’ve found when I’ve been doing it, most of mine are 30 seconds long max. There’s a huge difference between sending like a canned video out. Anybody can do that, right?

Cory: Right.

Joe: But this is personal, let’s give an example, somebody just filled out a coaching application. You get this notice on your phone. Let me give you a better example, I was with Dan Schwartz the other day in San Diego. He’s using it every time somebody signs up for a demo of InvestorFuse. He gets a notice on his phone, just once a day he looks and he sees six, seven, eight notices, probably more than that. And then he says, alright, you just shoot some little video, “Hey, this is Dan. I’m the CEO and founder of InvestorFuse.” Nobody calls him by name. He says, “Hey Jim. How’re you doing? I’m Dan. I just saw you visit our website. You scheduled a demo, I just want to say hi, introduce myself, send you a personal little video. And I’m looking forward to hopefully signing you up as a customer for InvestorFuse, I know you’re going to love it.” Boom! Just like that. And these open rates are huge. I’m getting close to 100% open rates on these videos when I send them to people. They do go into spam, they go right to the inbox. When the person sees the email, they see a little picture.

Cory: Looks like a video.

Joe: Looks like a video and it just says, “Hey, Cory sent you a video.” And then the little button to click it. I’m getting feedback like that coming to me saying, “Wow. That was amazing. I love the personalization, that’s so cool. Thank you so much for sending that.” It’s like doing whatever it takes to make you different. What’s a way that a realtor could use something like this?

Cory: This is a perfect tool for an agent. Because an agent could get a lead from their website, they’d say, “Hey, this is Cory, I just saw you fill out a lead on the website. I’m with a client right now but you’re important to me to get back to you. I just want to say hi and I will be getting back with you just as soon as I get finished with this client. If you haven’t already seen some of the properties that we have available, you might check XYZ and I’ll get back with you just as soon as possible. Bye.” Right?

Joe: Yeah.

Cory: It’s just a very personalization. You want to make sure that you don’t want to use this for too many sales up front. You want to use this for personalization and building an initial relationship. But isn’t like, you go to someone’s house and first time you meet them, you go, “Hi! My name is Cory. I sell Cutco knives.” You build some relationship first and then from there, they are going to be wowed with the fact that you said, one, their name, which is why Dan does it and we use the person’s name as much as possible too because no word besides you and couple other ones, is more important to someone else than their own name. Using their own name as much as you possibly can in the beginning, they don’t know you, you don’t know them, there’s a connection. Two, make sure that you tell them that they’re important, that you’re getting back to them, that you’re going to get right back with them so they feel like a priority.

Joe: Yup, yup. Again, the thing that makes Bonjoro different than what I’ve seen BomBom do for example, is it’s super easy. It just comes in, you click it, you push record, you record the video, and then the next step is it asks you to select a still shot for your video so you’re not making this funky, angry looking face, and then you can type in a little quick personal message, you click button and it’s set. That’s awesome. BomBom, it’s been awhile since I looked at it, but I would’ve had to copy and paste the person’s email over and then there’s a lot more manual steps in there. This makes it just boom boom boom, super easy. If you sign up for the premium version, which I think is $7 a month or something like that, it might be $10, I don’t remember. You can personalize it, customize it, so your logo is there.

Cory: Put your logo and stuff, right.

Joe: And you can change the colors and the template and things like that. I’m super pumped about that. There’s so many different things that you could use this for and so many industries. You got a seller that fills out a profile on your website, when you’ve got a potential buyer. What if there’s an investor that’s buying a lot of properties and you meet him at a networking event, a real estate investing club, right? You get their business card, you find somebody that has their email address, what if you sent them a simple little video. “Hey Jim, it’s nice talking to you last night at the meeting. Looking forward to working with you.” When you’re doing these videos, it’s not to sell them on something, but just to say, “Hey, how are you doing? I’m Joe and I’m looking forward to talking with you sometime soon in the future and hopefully working together. Take care, have a good one.”

Cory: Yes. The point is it’s so fast.

Joe: Super fast.

Cory: It’s like the fast food of recording videos and a personalization from an email standpoint. You hit them with both modalities. Email and a video. It has metrics too, so you can track your open rates.

Joe: Yup, yup. And it tells you who’s opened it. When I send these videos, I get a lot of people, they immediately reply. Like, hey, that was so cool. Thank you so much.

Cory: Is there a capability you see in there for volume uploads yet, so we could upload a list of 100 names?

Joe: I don’t know. I bet you could. I’ve not been digging into it that much detail but you can, through Zapier, send people in.

Cory: Right.

Joe: If you have a bunch of people on maybe a Google sheet, you can create a Zap that says send these people from Google Sheets over into that. I use it from Podio. When new leads comes into Podio, Zap runs every five minutes, that sends that lead over to Bonjoro. One thing I wish it did and it’s not doing yet, I wish it would tag the leads somehow in Bonjoro, so I know where it came from. Right now, I just see them. Unless there’s a way in Zapier to do something but it doesn’t really tell me where they’re from.

Cory: Yeah. If you uploaded a bulk list, you lose one of the points of it which is the personalization factor. You are not going to be able to say, “Jim,” obviously to 100 people.

Joe: You can select what it brings over, name and email.

Cory: Name and email. But on the video of yourself, whenever you are saying it, you just need to leave out that part. You just need to say, “Hey, this is Joe. I just wanted to say I just got your message.”

Joe: No, no. I get their names.

Cory: Right. But we were going to upload 100 names, we wouldn’t be able to say that on the video.

Joe: But you can use BomBom for that. BomBom is really good.

Cory: Yes, you can use BomBom for that, right.

Joe: But the reason why this is powerful, I wouldn’t recommend actually doing generic videos. The reason why this is powerful is you can personalize it one on one. If you had 100 names that came in, you need to do 100 videos. If each one took 15 seconds, how long would that take?

Cory: Sure. Really fast. It’s worth it too because you got to think about in the other end what’s the result that you want on the other end and what’s the pay off for you? Really great. A great tool, I love that tool. I’ve been playing around with that as well.

I got another tool, Joe. It’s called Storage +. Storage +. One of the cool things about Storage + is, and I have an iPhone here, I don’t know if it’s on the Google Play same name. But you get a lot of videos, as you’re starting to record things. I’m recording things on Facebook Live, I’m recording videos or testimonies for closings, recording all kinds of things. You use up a lot of space and then your images, if you want to do HD images, you can spend a lot of space up on your phone as well. Pretty soon, even if you’re uploading stuff to Dropbox and you’re still leaving it on your phone, you haven’t deleted it, you just start losing a lot of space on your phone. One of the big challenge for many people is that.

The other thing is whenever you send over some images or videos that are very large, you have a challenge there too. What’s really cool about storage, I tested out about seven different applications for compression of video and images, which is what Storage + does, is it allows you to hit select all which could be a whole folder. I don’t have to go through and select individual videos if I don’t want to, I have an option to select the whole folder. There’s a folder on my iPhone called ‘Videos’ where all videos live. If you go and select that folder, it will show you on Storage + how much space is being used, how big those files are and then the reduction of what it will come out to be. And you don’t lose any of your quality, you can go in and you can set different quality settings where you basically, for most stuff that we do, send the stuff online, you leave very, very little quality and you can cut down the space, I found often, half! If I have a 800mb video, it will cut it down to 400mb, I won’t lose any quality.

The other thing about that is whenever I send and I upload the videos to YouTube or anything else, that really saves time, especially if you’re dealing with a slow internet. Sometimes man, that can be frustrating. A really great tool.

Joe: It’s more than just like a Cloud based storage platform.

Cory: Yeah. One thing we’re using right now is we use an app called Twist, Twist app. The reason I like it is because it’s like the Slack version, it works with Todoist. Todoist is one of my favorite applications. It’s called Twist. twistapp.com. They have an app and if you go online to twistapp.com, you can use it there.

But basically if you’re familiar with Slack, which is a messaging platform, it’s in real time like Skype or others, it works with Todoist. Todoist is the owner of Twist. What they saw is there’s a market for Slack, that why obviously Slack is growing so big, they connected their own version of a Slack, if you will, called Twist app to their application. Why I’m bringing that up right now with this app called Storage + is because I’m uploading tons of videos onto Storage + and then I’m uploading them to Twist. When I upload them to Twist, man, they’re going super fast after I compress them. I’m not losing any quality. Man, it can save you a lot of time and it’s a simple application you put on your phone and I use it a lot.

Joe: I just downloaded it and I have almost 4000 videos on my phone.

Cory: That’s a ton! That’s amazing.

Joe: I always get the phones with the most storage possible. I have 78 free gigabytes on my phone. And it’s all backed up to Google Cloud, right?

Cory: Yes.

Joe: But it’s having me flick through each of the videos one at a time to find the one I want to.

Cory: Do you have an option on there which says compress all? You probably hit I want to choose. If you go into an album, for example. I just opened up the app and I go down to one of my albums called videos, which is probably we have the same one. You go to videos, and when I click on that, it tells me I can either compress all or I want to choose.

Joe: I hit I want to choose.

Cory: If I hit compress all, it tells me right there how much savings. For me, if I compressed all of these right now, I’d save over 25gb.

Joe: And if you compress them all, you lose.

Cory: No. You can go down and you can change the quality of your settings. You scroll down to compression settings, you can change it from low, medium, high, and original. What I found is medium, you can’t even tell the difference between medium and high but when you go to low, it starts to get some degradation in the video. But if I go from medium to high, I literally can save almost another 20% of space and I don’t miss anything. For me and these videos I’m using these for, it’s not a huge reason that I need them to be super big.

The other one is size. If I go down and I change the size, which for an image or something, I can go from original, large, medium, or small. Again, between medium and large, there’s really not much difference at all but you save a ton of extra space.

Joe: A good thing to do then would be, if you have a video that you want to compress, you should probably put it into its own separate album, right?

Cory: Or you put several videos. The ones that you want to compress, make an album for compressed videos. Something that you want to put. Once you put those videos in there, then you know you can compress all and you won’t have any issues. And if you go back, if you want to go back, yes go back. Don’t hit cancel because cancel will just put you back in the same spot.

Joe: Cool. I like that a lot.

Cory: It’s a cool app, Joe. It saves you a ton of space.

Joe: When I’m recording videos, especially with my family and kids and stuff, I always try to get the highest quality possible because you know what’s going to happen, if you’re looking at that video in 20 years, 20 years from now, video quality is going to be so much better. I do want to get the best quality of the videos that I can get today so they look as best, as good as possible in 15, 20 years. But if I just did a 3 ½ minute long video for something on my website and I recorded it all with an iPhone, it literally took, because the file is so big, about 15 minutes to transfer it from my phone to my laptop. If I could now compress it before I try to transfer it…

Cory: You can do it now probably about five to seven minutes, half the time it should be.

Joe: That’s nice. Slick. Cool. That app is called what again?

Cory: It’s called Compress +, I believe. It’s called Storage +.

Joe: Storage Space +.

Cory: Storage Space +. It’s a green icon.

Joe: With two little pictures in it?

Cory: Yeah, with two little pictures in it.

Joe: With an arrow going…

Cory: With an arrow.

Joe: Yeah.

Cory: Basically you’re saying from big to small.

Joe: Yeah, yeah. That’s cool, man.

Cory: It’s pretty cool, right? It saves ton.

Joe: There’s two awesome apps that can have a dramatic impact on our business, to your revenue, and time. Save yourself a ton of time.

Cory: Absolutely.

Joe: It’s been a good episode.

Cory: Cool. Yes! It has been. Go enjoy your lunch and I’m going to get things done as well. We’ll be in the next episode of here pretty soon and we’ll make an announcement. We’re going to do our best making little announcements on Facebook, little videos so you can see what’s coming up. Make sure you check it out.

Joe: realestatetechshow.com, if you want our fast tool tech tips toolbox.

Cory: Tech toolbox.

Joe: Text the word “TECH” to 38470, text the word “TECH,” or just go to our website and get it, it’s free. Until then! See you later, thanks Cory!

Cory: See you, man.

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