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015: Virtual Assistant Domination – Part 3

In this episode – the final part of our Virtual Assistant Domination special – we cover the ways your virtual assistant can manage the marketing side of your real estate business. A lot of investors forget all about marketing. We get too busy and focused on our properties that we forget to generate more leads...

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014: Virtual Assistant Domination – Part 2

Welcome to Part Two of our Virtual Assistant Domination Series! Last episode we talked about where to find virtual assistants, and today we’re going to get into the nitty gritty of training VAs. If you can properly train your VAs, you are going to seriously leverage your time. Whatever you don’t have time to do...

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013: Virtual Assistant Domination – Part 1

Welcome to The Real Estate Tech Show! We are trying a new format with today’s episode to be a little more interactive. The podcasts will be on Zoom from now on so we can get likes and comments from our listeners in real time. If you like this new format – and even if you...

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012: Evernote as a CRM

This episode is going to be a little bit different from our typical fare. Today we’re only talking about one tool – Evernote. But there are so many different ways to use Evernote that it deserves its own episode. Using Evernote for CRM (customer relationship management) is probably the easiest and most obvious choice for...

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011: Killer Image And Editing Tools

You’re probably asking yourself – what does a real estate investor need with editing tools? Short answer is closing deals. If you want to close deals faster and make more money in your business, these tools will absolutely get you there. The editing apps we talk about on today’s episode do everything to make an...

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010: All About Time Management

Welcome to the tenth episode of the Real Estate Tech Show! If you haven’t checked it out already, visit our website We have the domain up and running, and you can download our toolkit of our top ten favorite tech tools. The tech we’re talking about today is all about time management. The whole...

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